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Cooperating Shipyards

Australia Forgacs, Brisbane Dockyard Afloat Repairs
Australia Forgacs, Newcastle Afloat Repairs
Australia Forgacs, Gladstone Afloat Repairs
Australia Forgacs, Sydney Afloat Repairs
Sri Lanka Colombo Dockyards Up to 236 x 44 m
South Africa DCD-Dorbyl Cape Town Up to 360 x 45m
Germany Blohm +Voss Up to 351 x 59m
Netherlands Wetering Trade Service Afloat Repairs
Bahriain BASREC Up to 120 x 18.6m
North China COSCO Dalian Up to 350m x 66m
North China Shanhaiguan Shipyard Up to 340m x 64m
North China Dalian Daeyang Shipyard Up to 360m x 78m
North China Qingdao Beihai Shipyard Up to 360m x 78m
Central China Chengxi Shipyard Up to 330m x 53.5m
Central China COSCO Nantong Shipyard Up to 270m x 48m
Central China COSCO Shanghai Shipyard Up to 195m x 35m
Central China CIC Changxing Shipyard Up to 410m x 72m
Central China CIC Lixin Shipyard Up to 222.5m x 38m
Central China Huarun Dadong Up to 340m x 52m
Central China Shanghai Minnan Shipyard Up to 175m x 27.6m
Zhoushan Area Nasco Shipyard Up to 350m x 55m
Zhoushan Area COSCO Zhoushan Shipyard Up to 539m x 49.2m
Zhoushan Area Xinya Shipyard Up to 350m x 54m
Zhoushan Area Imc Yongue Zhoushan Shipyard Up to 310m x 55m
Zhoushan Area Daishan Haizhou Shipyard Up to 360m x 68m
Zhoushan Area PAXOCEAN Zhoushan Up to 400m x 68m
Fujian Area Fujian Huadong Shipyard Up to 375m x 72m
South China COSCO Guangdong Shipyard Up to 269m x 52m
South China Chengxi Guangzhou Dockyards Up to 360m x 65m
South China Yiu Lian Dockyards Up to 400m x 83m
South China CIC Boluomiao Shipyard Up to 245m x36m
Japan Universal Shipbuilding Up to 282m x 46m
Japan Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd Up to 350m x 65m
South Korea Dong Sung Engineering Up to 155m x 23m
South Korea Orient Shipyard Up to 300m x 68 m
Taiwan CSBC Corporation Kaohsiung Shipyard Up to 950m x 92m
Singapore PaxOcean Shipyard Up to 195m x 34.7m
Indonesia Batam PaxOcean Batam Up to 235m x 40.0m
Latvia Riga Shipyard Up to 220m x 36m
Poland Alkor Shiprepair Yard Up to 155m x 24.5m
Netherlands De Schroef Shipyard Up to 135m x 20m
Netherlands Shipyard Reimersvaall BV Up to 120m x 23m
France Eiffel Industries – St. Nazaire Up to 350m x 50m
Spain Cernaval Shipyard Up to 400m x 50m
Montenegro Adriatic Shipyard Bijela Up to 250m x 44m
Turkey Shipyards in Tuzla Bay Up to 350m x 65m
Bulgaria Odessos Shiprepair Yard Up to 219m x 36.2m
Ukraine Ilyichevsk Shiprepair Yard Up to 240m x 45m
U.S.A. Signal International Up to 304m x 48m
Mexico Talleres Navales Del Golfo Up to 271m x 36m
Dominican Rep. Ciramar Shipyard Up to 155m x 25m
Trinidad Caribbean Drydock Trinidad Up to 230m x 39m
Brazil Omikron Shiprepairs Afloat Repairs
Argentina Tandanor Shipyard Up to 184m x 32m
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